Tübingen School of Education (TüSE)



Tübingen School of Education visits the University College Cork (UCC), Ireland

School of Education in Gaeilge?

How to translate School of Education into Gaeilge, the official Irish language, which is one out of 24 official languages of the EU?

The director of the School of Education at UCC, Dr. Fiachra Long, read whole text passages to the two visitors from Tübingen in Gaeilge, which is commonly translated as ‘Gälisch’ in German (or ‘Gaelic’ in English).

PD Dr. Dr. Martin Harant, School Pedagogy (Education Theory, Philosophy of Education) and PD Dr. Philipp Thomas, Philosophy (Subject Didactics)/ TüSE Management, visited the UCC via the Erasmus+ Staff Mobility Program from March 19th to March 25th 2017 with the purpose of setting up international cooperations. Their activities at the School of Education and at the Department of Philosophy included holding lectures and philosophy classes, participating in academic continuing education courses as well as the mutual presentation and explanation of teaching degree courses and teacher education in general. Martin Harant and Philipp Thomas included an invitation to the TüSE information brochure for students of teaching and interested lecturers: A chart on the TüSE’s International Education Week (Summer 2018).

Two surprising details out of the variety of information which the visitors from Tübingen learned during this week:

Philosophy has recently been introduced as a school subject in Ireland, which means, corresponding teaching degree courses are to be developed.

And: Irish student teachers can, under certain conditions, work at a school with a Bachelor’s degree only and are hereby able to have an income quite early.

Gaeilge, however, is studied by all children in Ireland. Even by the daughter of the Italian lecturer at the UCC, whose wife is Japanese.