Tübingen School of Education (TüSE)

Reconstructive Subject Didactic Teaching Research

Problem Statement/Objective of the Special Interest Group (SIG)

In our view, a division of labour has established itself between education science and subject didactics in the study of teaching and acquisition processes in the classroom. While reconstructive processes are popular in educational science research on classroom teaching, this research is largely confined to the social dimension of teaching (positioning, addressing, differentiation).  In contrast to this, reconstructive and thus comprehensive empirical research of classroom practice, which is beyond conceptual references (norms), has until now only been established comprehensively in isolated cases in subject didactics. Instead, the subject-related teaching processes and thus the content dimension are at the center of the academic debate. The goal of the SIG is to overcome the existing division of labour and to systematically develop ways of combining the factual and social dimensions in classroom research.


Dr. Daniel Goldmann, Education Science, General Education


Britta Eiben-Zach (German Philology/Didactics of German Literature), Prof. Dr. Marcus Emmerich (Educational Science with the focus Inclusion, Heterogeneity and Diversity), Prof. Dr. Carolin Führer (German Philology/Didactics of German Literature), Matthias Grein (Didactics of Romance Studies), Prof. Dr. Bernd Grewe (History Didactics und Public History), Prof. Dr. Bernd Tesch (Didactics of Romance Studies), Prof. Dr. Fahimah Ulfat (Islamic Religious Pedagogy), Dr. Daniel Goldmann (General Pedagogy), Prof. Dr. Uwe Küchler (Didactics of English).