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Short Description


Portfolio Work has become a constitutive and compulsory element of teaching degree programs in the federal state of Baden-Württemberg based on a governmental issue along the transition to Bachelor and Master of Education (former: Staatsexamen).

Portfolio work aims at strengthening students’ reflexivity and at adjusting the connection between theory and practice in teacher.

Portfolio work at the University of Tübingen is part of the education science modules within teaching programs.

Portfolio Work aims at students’ independent learning and requires no graded performances.

As a starting point for the extension and differentiation of the portfolio work, which will be realized digitally (server-based) in future, a needs analysis is conducted to determine/identify which features are required by the actors/agents in order to work efficiently with the portfolio. The aim is to implement a portfolio that matches the needs and interests of preferably all subjects. If required, the portfolio-team advises and informs individual departments about the implementation and further development of the portfolio and provides administrative and technical support to prospective projects.

Research Design

I. A “systematic review” on demands and research of portfolio work in teacher education in German and Anglo-American language areas is conducted. The results/findings of the review serve as a basis for the implementation and further development of the Tübingen portfolio. The procedure for developing the review is as follows:

a) Winter semester 2016/2017: All publications of five central journals are analyzed systematically, using a qualitative analysis. In addition a classification/ categorization of demands on portfolio work is carried out.

b) Summer semester 2017: A comparison of demands on portfolio work and actual empirical evidence is conducted on the basis of a synopsis of international empirical research findings. In this way the question on/ about how well the demands on portfolio work in teacher education are met from an empirical perspective can be answered. Furthermore it can be clarified in which areas this project is succeeding and in which it falls behind its own claims. Thereby realistic expectations for the portfolio work at Tübingen can be expressed.

II. Concomitant research on the implementation of the Tübingen portfolio:

The portfolio work at Tübingen is supposed to be assessed at no less than two measurement/reference points. Based on the results the portfolio work is to be optimized adequately.

Hereby, the findings of this analysis serve as key instruments for the quality development of portfolio work at Tübingen. The first survey takes place with the entire 1st cohort, which uses the server-based portfolio (Winter semester 2017/18, the 2nd survey will take place in the summer semester 2018). The evaluation will be carried out by using the ‘survey-program’, together with a descriptive data analysis.


BMBF Quality Initiative Teacher Education


2019 - 2023


Prof. Dr. Colin Cramer, Karen Binder (IfE); numeours departments and institutions of Tübingen University, especially Education Science, IWM and Subject Didactics.


Karen Binder, M.A.

karen.binderspam prevention@uni-tuebingen.de