Tübingen School of Education (TüSE)

Professional Development of Teachers

Brief Description


In the TüSE subproject Professional Development of Teachers, the further education and training courses for teachers in the areas of Media Education and Dealing with Heterogeneity, which were successfully piloted in the first funding phase, are further developed and consolidated. These innovative blended-learning concepts are based on a comprehensive needs-analysis and on the integration of scientific insights into the effective design of teacher training courses, as well as into adult education principles. One focus of the second phase is on offering single-school in-house trainings. The qualification offers are aimed at interested teaching staff and schools who would like to develop themselves further in the areas mentioned.
Research Design
  • Consolidation of the piloted further education and training offers on the topics “Digital Media in the Classroom” and “Professional Handling of Heterogeneous Learning Groups”
  • Conception and implementation of needs-oriented and scientifically founded inhouse-trainings for the tailored support of teaching staff and organizational development at schools
  • Accompanying scientific research: design-based research for further optimization of training offers
  • Prospective cooperation with the “Research and Transfer Center: Digitalization in Teacher Education”
Financing BMBF Qualitätsoffensive Lehrerbildung


2019 - 2023


Project Management: Prof. Dr. Josef Schrader (DIE), Prof. Dr. Annika Goeze

Project Staff: N.N.

Institute of Education, Department Adult Education/Further Education


Prof. Dr. Josef Schrader / Prof. Dr. Annika Goeze annika.goezespam prevention@uni-tuebingen.de