Tübingen School of Education (TüSE)

Project ProfiL - A Professional Advisory Program for Education Students


Short Description

The project is a sub-project within the field of professionalization which is a new approach in teaching and learning by the Tübingen School of Education (TüSE).

The project develops, coordinates and evaluates small group advising sessions with profession-related topics for teacher candidates.

This special type of advising aims at tailored support regarding:

The programme is offerend within a special adivisory offer in small groups, led by external experts.

This aims at creating space for reflection without referring to academic performance. This allows individual support during the important developmental process of teacher candidates turning into professional teachers.

The concept approached by ProfiL is science-based and refers to current results and models of research on school-related professionalization processes as well as to research on competence development and advising.


The research design refers to two groups in pre- and post-design. Standardized questionnaires with items on concepts on teacher and professionalization research are used.

Comparison group: 50 students of the same academic year, who do not take part in the ProfiL Project, build the comparison group. They are evaluated during their 2nd and 5th semester.

A in-depth mixed-methods study (including video analyses of teacher candidates' lessons and interviews) focuses on effects and interrelations among the participating students.


BMBF Qualitäty Initiative Teacher Education


2016 - 2019

Staff and Collaborators

Project Head:

Prof. Dr. Petra Bauer, Institute of Education, Department of Social Pedagogy

Prof. Dr. Marc Weinhardt, Protestant University Darmstadt, School of Professional Studies


Aline Christ, Dipl. Päd.
Kristin Carfagno, M.A.
Kathrin Kniep, M.A.
Marie Thomas, M.A.
Markus Urban, M.A.

Institute of Education, Department of Social Pedagogy


Kathrin Kniep, kathrin.kniepspam prevention@tuese.uni-tuebingen.de