Tübingen School of Education (TüSE)

TüDiLab – Tübingen Digital Teaching Lab

Short Description


The Tübingen Digital Teaching Lab (TüDiLab) simulates a classroom which is enhanced with digital media and various tools for media-based evaluation.

The TüDiLab aims at two aspects:

(1) Application-oriented professionalization processes of teachers regarding their competences in teaching with digital media.

(2) Research in effects of media-based teaching.

The TüDiLab can be used for academic classes on teaching and learning with digital media within all teaching degree programmes. Interactive Whiteboards, Laptops, Tablets, Beamer and a document camera are provided and installed. Teachers and teacher candidates can try out potentials of digital media and learn how to use digital media effectively. They can find out, which competences they need to develop for themselves and with their students.

In TüDiLab, research on characteristics and effects of media-based teaching is conducted. The classrooms tools allow high-resolution descriptions of teaching and learning in real teaching situations. Teachers come to the TüDiLab with their classes and teach. Video cameras allow the documentation of most events and processes. On all 30 student desks, tools for eye-tracking are installed. All classroom elements are mobile and flexible thus allowing quick arrangements for varying scenarios.


Funding Line „Leuchttürme der Lehrerbildung ausbauen“, Programme „Lehrerbildung in Baden-Württemberg“, Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts (MWK) Baden-Württemberg


2016 - 2021


Numerous subjects and institutions of Tübingen University, especially IWM, LEAD, HIB.


Leibniz-Institute for Knowledge Media (IWM), Schleichstraße 6, 72076 Tübingen

Project Head: Prof. Katharina Scheiter (k.scheiterspam prevention@iwm-tuebingen.de)

Scientific Coordinator: Juliane Richter (j.richterspam prevention@iwm-tuebingen.de)