Tübingen School of Education (TüSE)

TPACK 4.0 – iTPACK 4.0 – interdisciplinary, practice-oriented and research-based promotion of teachers‘ media didactical competences

Brief Description

In the Project TPACK 4.0, an integrated and cross-location media education is established for teaching staff in the first phase of teacher education to prepare them for the didactically meaningful use of digital media in subject-related teaching. The starting point is the promotion of so-called Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge, which has so far played a more subordinate role in teacher education. TPACK describes knowledge of didactic functions and possible uses of digital media for achieving content-specific teaching goals and competences regarding the subject-specific design of digital teaching scenarios.

To this end, the Weingarten Pedagogical University and the Tübingen School of Education are developing an interdisciplinary media didactics module that will be implemented in the central subject didactics of the two universities' major teaching subjects for secondary education. Through an intelligent interlocking of theory and practice in media education, future teachers will be made fit for the use of digital media in subject teaching. On the didactic level, the Inverted Classroom Method is used for this purpose, in which the usual learning activities (knowledge transfer, practical phases) are reversed within and outside of courses.

The knowledge transfer of media pedagogical/media didactical theories takes place flexibly, independently of location, and is regulated by the student in computer-supported independent study phases. The step-by-step approach to media-based teaching practice takes place through guided practice phases in teaching-learning laboratories. Upon successful completion of the module, students can earn an additional media didactics certificate.


Support program for the development of innovative structures, formats and teaching contents or offers in teacher education (Ministry for Science, Research and Art Baden-Württemberg).


2018 - 2022


a) University of Tübingen, Tübingen School of Education, Leibniz Institute of Knowledge Media)
Management: Prof. Dr. Andreas Lachner (Institute of Education)

b) Weingarten University of Education
Management: Prof. Dr. Karin Schweizer (Pedagogical Psychology; Prorector for Research and Further Education)


Prof. Dr. Andreas Lachner