Tübingen School of Education (TüSE)

TüDiLB – Development of a Sustainable Research and Transfer Center: Digitalization in Teacher Education

Brief Description

The project bundles research and transfer activities in the field of digitalization in teacher education and prepares current research findings related to digitalization for the different phases of teacher education. The research and transfer center is divided into four areas of work:  

In the work area of Research, digitalization-related research plans and projects in the context of teacher education, school and teaching are bundled (e.g. Hector Research Institute of Education Sciences and Psychology, Institute of Education) in order to benefit from the research strength of the education sciences and subject didactics at the University of Tübingen, as well as that of the participating research organizations outside of the university (e.g. Leibniz-Institute for Knowledge Media, German Institute for Adult Education).

The work area Translation and Transformation is intended to carry out a transfer of knowledge from digitalization-related education research to educational practice, and to strengthen connections between classroom and further education and training practice.  

In the field of Teacher Education 1st Phase, a placement concept is developed, implemented, and evaluated against the background of an action-leading competence (development) model for the digitalization-related professional knowledge of teachers, which enables future teachers to use digital media reflectively when teaching their subject. 

The year 2022 is to be the starting point of the work area Further Education and Training. Its goal is to develop and implement a sustainable and research-based further education and training structure to strengthen the media pedagogical competences of teaching staff at the University of Tübingen, as well as to realize accompanying research projects, which, inter alia, provide insights into the effects of further teacher training in this field.


BMBF Qualitätsoffensive Lehrerbildung mit dem Schwerpunkt Digitalisierung in der Lehrerbildung

(BMBF Quality Campaign Teacher Education with a Focus on Digitalization in Teacher Education)


2020 - 2023


University of Tübingen (Tübingen School of Education, Institute of Education und Hector Research Institute of Education Sciences and Psychology), Leibniz-Institute for Knowledge Media, German Institute for Adult Education Bonn (DIE)


Prof. Dr. Andreas Lachner

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