Tübingen School of Education (TüSE)

TüDiTeach 2.0 – Media Pedagogical and Action-Related Further Development of the Research and Transfer Center: Digitalization in Teacher Education

Brief Description

Previous projects and third-party funding for digitalization in Tübingen teacher education have mainly been concerned with promoting the professional knowledge of teachers in the field of media didactics. In order to complement the previous projects and thus to integrate the topic of digitalization comprehensively into teacher education, the focus of this project is firstly on the promotion of professional knowledge in media education. Future teachers should also enable their students to use digital media critically and reflectively. Secondly, a further focus for the sustainable promotion of action knowledge lies in the establishment of an application-oriented qualification concept, in which teaching students, supported by video-based microteachings, can test their own teaching concepts. In this respect, the project contributes to a holistic promotion of media-related knowledge, enabling teachers to deal with digital media in an action-oriented and reflective manner.


Federal state of Baden-Württemberg, Program Teacher Education Baden-Württemberg,
Funding line 3


2020 - 2023


University of Tübingen (Tübingen School of Education, Institute of Education) and Leibniz Institute for Knowledge Media


Prof. Dr. Andreas Lachner

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