Tübingen School of Education (TüSE)

About the Bachelor of Education (B. Ed.) Program

The teaching degree program at the University of Tübingen consists of two components, the study of Education Sciences and two school internships.

You can find an overview of the most important information concerning our Bachelor of Education program below. For more detailed information, please refer to the Guidelines for Teacher Candidates (available in German only).

The Education Science in the Teaching Degree Program (BWS)
The program Education Science in the Teaching Degree serves to prepare teacher candidates for scientifically-based, professional activity in the classroom. It is required of all teacher candidates in both the Bachelor of Education (B. Ed.) and Master of Education (M. Ed.) programs and is composed of several modules.

Students in the Bachelor of Education program will be introduced to the orientation internship in Module 1 and analyze their experiences following the internship in seminar courses during Module 2. The Department of School Education from the Institute of Education is responsible for the BWS program. PD Dr. Dr. Martin Harant is the corresponding contact.

School Subjects and their Instruction

Each subject's path of study is organized by its respective department. The every subject's module handbook can be found on the pertinent departmental website. All questions or issues with the path of study must be taken up with the respective department's student counselling center.

Pedagogical content knowledge is an integral component of all specialized paths of study. The pedagogical content knowledge courses are displayed in the electronic course catalog of each teachable subject.

Orientation Internship
A lecture course and seminar in the Education Science in the Teaching Degree Program prepare students for the Orientation Internship and discuss their experiences following its completion.

The Tübingen School of Education is currently offering an alternative internship option via the program Lehr:werkstatt.

Exam Regulations (only available in German) 

Academic Prerequisites for Application

Before beginning your teaching degree program, you are required to complete an teacher candidate orientation. You must bring your certificate of completion of the orientation when you officially register for the program. There are several options for such orientation programs:

The Bachelor of Application application can be completed at the registrar's office (Studierendensekretariat).