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About the Master of Education (M. Ed.) Program

You can find an overview of the most important information concerning our Master of Education program below. For more detailed information, please refer to the Guidelines for Teacher Candidates (available in German only). The four-semester long Master of Education program began at the University of Tübingen during Winter Term 2018/2019.

An application for the Master of Education (M. Ed.) program is required, even if your desired subject areas require no admission. The online application portal for the Winter Term 2018/2019 was open from the beginning of April to May 15th and accessible from the homepage of the registrar's office (Studierendensekretariats).


All graduates of a Bachelor of Education or a teaching-related B.A./B.S. program were admitted to the Master of Education program to teach at the high school level.

Internship Semester
Following your application for the Master of Education (M. Ed.) program in the beginning of the Winter Term, you will receive upon acceptance a "ticket" from the university, which will allow you to register online for the school internship semester. The internship semester begins in September with the new school year and lasts 12 weeks. During this time, you will receive training from the Governmental Institute of Didactics and Teacher Education (Secondary Schools) to which your school has been assigned. During your internship, you will be able to attend seminars there as well.

In the case that you would like to begin your Master of Education study in the Summer Term, please apply during the preceding Winter Term. In this case, you will complete the school internship semester in your second semester of study. Please read of the handout of the Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs regarding the school internship semester.

 Education Science in the Teaching Degree (BWS) Program
The program Education Science in the Teaching Degree serves to prepare teacher candidates for scientifically-based, professional activity in the classroom. It is required of all teacher candidates in both the Bachelor of Education (B. Ed.) and Master of Education (M. Ed.) programs and is composed of several modules.

Students in the Bachelor of Education program will be introduced to the orientation internship in Module 1 and analyze their experiences following the internship in seminar courses during Module 2. The Department of School Education from the Institute of Education is responsible for the BWS program. PD Dr. Dr. Martin Harant is the corresponding contact.

Supplementary (Third Teachable) Subject
In addition to the two subjects of concentration and the accompanying program Education Science in the Teaching Degree, it is possible to study a third, supplimentary, subject. The supplimentary subject can be selected as a major or minor.

The adoption of a third subject requires the preparation of an additional Master thesis (in addition to the Master thesis of the two main subjects), and is only possible following the successful completion of the Bachelor of Education. However, B. Ed. students may obtain input material for this Master study, provided that they are in at least the third semester of one of their two subjects of concentration at the Bachelor of Education level.

Application for Supplementary (Third Teachable) Subject
In order to begin the study of a supplementary subject on the Master of Education level, students must be officially registered for a concentration of study (major) or have already successfully completed a teacher education program for high school teachers. Regardless of intended major, it is required to submit a separate second application, which can be completed on the homepage of the registrar's office.

Exam Regulations
As soon as the exam regulations for the M. Ed. are available, they will be linked here.

All information is subject to change.

Last updated: March 26, 2018