Tübingen School of Education (TüSE)

Subject-Specific Teaching

In addition to specialized content and general education science knowledge, subject-specific content knowledge is an integral component of the teacher training program for all subjects. Subject-specific teaching is also a component of specialized study. Subject-specific teaching courses will be displayed in the online course catalog.

The organization of study of selected subjects rests with the respective faculties, the websites of which contain relevant information regarding their subject, such as the Module Handbook. All questions regarding specialized study must be taken up with the student advising department of that subject. Most subjects have their own student advising offices for teacher candidates.

You will find an overview of the various subject-specific teaching professors and associate professors below:

Professors of Teaching Theory and Associate Professors

Faculties of Humanities

Classical Philologies

Teaching Classical Thelologies (Greek and Latin)

Dr. Wolfgang Polleichtner

History Professorship Teaching History and Public History

Prof. Dr. Bernd-Stefan Grewe

German Professorship German Philology and Teaching German Literature 

Prof. Dr. Carolin Führer

  Teaching German as a Foreign Language

PD Dr. Tanja Rinker

English Professorship Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Prof. Dr. Uwe Küchler

  Teaching English Literature and Culture

Dr. Lilian Chaitas

  Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Dr. Stefan Hofstetter

Romance Studies Professorship Teaching Romanic Languages

Prof. Dr. Bernd Tesch

Philosophy Teaching Philosophy and Ethics

PD Dr. Philipp Thomas

Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences

Sports Science Professorship Sports Education

Jun. Prof. Dr. Julia Hapke

Business and Economics Professorship Business Education

Prof. Dr. Taiga Brahm

  Business Education

Dr. Michelle Rudeloff

Faculty of Science


Professorship Teaching Biology

Prof. Dr. Christoph Randler


Professorship Teaching Chemistry

Prof. Dr. Claudia Bohrmann-Linde

Geography Teaching Geography Dr. Timo Sedelmeier

Professorship Teaching Mathematics

Prof. Dr. Walther Paravicini


Professorship Teaching Physics

JProf. Dr. Jan-Philipp Burde

Natural Sciences

Professorship Teaching Natural Sciences and Technology

(In Cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Esslingen and the University of Applied Forest Sciences Rottenburg)

Recruitment Procedure Pending

  Teaching Natural Sciences and Technology PD Dr. Johannes Bleibel

Faculty of Protestant Theology

Protestant Theology Professorship Teaching Protestant Theology Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Friedrich Schweitzer

Faculty of Catholic Theology

Catholic Theology Professorship Teaching Catholic Theology Prof. Dr. Reinhold Boschki

Center for Islamic Theology

Islamic Theology

Professorship Teaching Islamic Theology

Jun. Prof. Dr. Fahimah Ulfat