Tübingen School of Education (TüSE)

Lehr:Transfer – A Project of the Tübingen School of Education

School is so much more than just classes! Work study associations, remedial classes, recess, homework help, projects and initiatives, guidance, and much more also make up integral parts of school. At school, there are many tasks which go beyond the content of classes. For teacher candidates, it’s useful to be introduced to the various areas of everyday life at school and accumulate practical experience, in addition to the study of subject-specific and educational science knowledge.

This is where the project Lehr:Transfer comes into play, supporting the transfer of knowledge between teacher candidates and schools. Both sides gain from this: teacher candidates dedicate themselves to various scholastic areas and take their practical experiences into consideration against the backdrop of the capabilities and knowledge acquired during their study.  This helps foster the transfer between theory and practice, which is normally regarded as challenging to implement. On the other hand, students profit from the diversity of additional opportunities provided by the teachers. Thanks to contact with motivated teacher candidates, students are introduced to new perspectives as well as insight into the study of teacher education and various study opportunities.

Since 2007 (including the previous project „Teacher Candidates Support Students“), Lehr:Transfer has built a successful interface between students and teacher candidates in Tübingen and the surrounding areas. All schools in the region were requested by Tübingen’s regional council (Regierungspräsidium) to submit a list of offerings for homework help, remedial classes, work study associations, individual support, etc. Interested teacher candidates can access the offerings on our ILIAS platform and introduce themselves to the applicable school(s).

In order to accompany the practical experiences of teacher candidates and support the reflection of their school activities, TüSE is offering all students participating in the project the opportunity to acquire the “Community Involvement” certificate.

As part of research accompanying the project, regular questionnaires and evaluations of the participating students as well as discussions with the schools will be conducted. In addition, the project is involved with supporting research for the project “Scientific Education and Social Responsibility.”

TüSE-Contact Person for Lehr:Transfer
Dr. Kathrin Wenz
infospam prevention@tuese.uni-tuebingen.de