Zentrum für Datenverarbeitung (ZDV)


eduroam (education roaming) provides a secure worldwide Wi-Fi network access to members of universities and research institutions. At all eduroam facilities, users can get Wi-Fi access with the login of their home organization. The services associated with an eduroam network access differ depending on the policy of the host institution.

The procedure by which the access authorization is checked at eduroam, is safe when correctly configured and executet and protects the participants personal login data from beeing spied on by third parties.

Safety instructions

In order to maintain the protection, some rules must be observed when commissioning and configuring an eduroam Wi-Fi access for the first time.

Install and configure eduroam Wi-Fi access only at your home organization. For the members of the University of Tübingen: set up your devices only in rooms of the University of Tübingen for the first eduroam use. Afterwards you can use eduroam worldwide.

The security base of eduroam is the use of certificates, with which an authorized agency confirms the identity. The certificates must be installed on the device before the first eduroam use. For eduroam users of the University of Tübingen, this is the "T-Telesec Global Root Class 2" certificate of T-Systems Enterprise Services GmbH. It can be downloaded via the websites of the DFN association.

Be sure to follow the instructions of the device or operating system to install certificates for the Wi-Fi authentication process. The parameters necessary for configuring the eduroaming access as a member of the University of Tübingen can be found on the Wi-Fi page.

Platform-specific installation instructions

You are a member of the University of Tübingen and guest at another institution

  1. Be sure to set up eduroam as described above as long as you are still on the premises of the University of Tübingen.
  2. Use the page https://www.eduroam.org to determine if the facility you are visiting supports eduroam. There you can find an interactive map of the facilities.
  3. There are no further steps required to use eduroam, when you are at the host facility.
  4. In case of problems, please contact the ZDV hotline. Provide the name of the host facility and your ZDV login ID, as well as the date and time when you tried to log in.

You are a member of an eduroam facility and a guest at the University of Tübingen

  1. Use the SSID "eduroam", when connecting to Wi-Fi.
  2. Use your home facilities login ID and password in form of <home login ID>@<home facility.country>.
  3. I case of problems, contact the support of your home facility.