Zentrum für Datenverarbeitung (ZDV)


de.NBI is a network which provides bioinformaticians from all over Germany with a large number of specialized services as well as necessary computing and storage capacities and data sources via a cloud. de.NBI was founded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.


The de.NBI cloud in Tübingen comprises over 6720 cores, 118 TByte RAM, 180 GPUs and 32 PByte storage capacity.

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Certified ISMS

The operation of the de.NBI Cloud Tübingen is managed through an Information Security Management System (ISMS), offering a reliable environment for the processing of sensible data in a verifiable way. The ISMS covers infrastructure, hardware and software of the de.NBI Cloud Tübingen, but in particular the organisational procedures. The operation of the de.NBI Cloud Tübingen has been certified according to the ISO27001 standard.



The de.NBI cloud is available free of charge to all academic users with bioinformatics applications.