Excellence Initiative

Bridging Funds


Bridging Funds enable researchers who have filed a promising application for third-party funding for their own position to receive temporary financial support.

Target group:

Funding is available for persons who have filed an application for:


The subsequent research project must be placed at the University of Tübingen.


Funding is granted for the position (65% E13) of the applicant.

After the successful application for the third-party funding project the part of the overhead usually available for the researcher (ca. 25% - 50%) will be withheld and used for refinancing this program.

Funding Period:

Up to 6 months.


The application must include the following information:

Please submit your application and all relevant documentation as a hard copy and via email to

Frau Jennifer Koritko

Dez. II.1 Forschungs- und Exzellenzstrategie

Wilhelmstr. 5

72074 Tübingen

E-Mail: zukunftskonzept[at]uni-tuebingen.de

Application deadlines:

You may apply at any time. The application must be handed in latest 12 weeks before the envisaged start of the funding.

Applications will be appraised by the University research committee and the final decision will be made by the Presidents’ office of the University of Tübingen.


If you have any further questions please contact

Frau Jennifer Koritko

Tel.: 07071-29 72528

E-Mail: zukunftskonzept[at]uni-tuebingen.de