Excellence Initiative

Exchange of Cooperation Partners (professorial level)


In order to strengthen the University of Tübingen's ties with its strategically important partners the Institutional Strategy promotes the exchange of senior scientists to initiate new cooperation and further existing ones. The longterm goal of these exchanges is to launch large international third-party funded projects.

Target Group:

Professors of the University of Tübingen who already cooperate with strategically important partners of the University of Tübingen, or would like to initiate new cooperation.



Funds are available for the visits of cooperation partners to Tübingen as well as visits of Tübingen academics to the cooperation partners.

Funding Period:

up to 14 days


Please include the following information and documents in your application.

Please send your application via email to:

Ms. Andrea Schaub

Dez. II.1 Research and Excellence Strategy

Wilhelmstr. 5

72074 Tübingen

Email: international.research[at]uni-tuebingen.de

Application deadline:

Applications may be submitted at any time.


If you have any questions please contact:

Ms. Andrea Schaub

Tel.: 07071-29 72592

E-Mail: international.research[at]uni-tuebingen.de