Excellence Initiative

Innovation Grants- Humanities and Social Sciences

Innovation Grants give junior researchers in the Humanities and Social Sciences the opportunity to transfer their research results to practical applications, thus suggesting alternatives to an academic career path within the University. The goal is to apply results attained from doctoral studies to the creation of innovative techniques, services and products through collaboration with extramural partners. This would enable a transfer of theoretical knowledge to the public sphere.

Examples of possible projects:

At the end of the funding period a concrete result is expected in the form of a tool, a program, an education plan, a consulting concept etc. which has been developed in collaboration with industrial companies, public institutions or volunteer societies.


Funding is available for junior research positions, student assistants and consumables for 24 months maximum. After this time the project must be finished or have secured external funding.


Applications may be submitted at the earliest 3 months before the end of the applicant’s PhD studies and no later than two years after completion of the PhD thesis. The project must start within 6 months after being approved.

Your application must include:

In 5 pages:


Selection Process:

Applications are reviewed by academic referees and evaluated according to the selection criteria mentioned below. To guarantee that the projects are innovative and feasible the applications will be subjected to a highly competitive selection procedure.

Selection criteria:

Application Process:

Submission procedure:

Applications are to be uploaded into the electronic application tool; in addition, two copies must be submitted on paper to:

Dr. Andrea Schaub
Dez. II.1 Research and Excellence Strategy
Dez. I, Wilhelmstr. 5
Alte Botanik
E-Mail: zukunftskonzept[at]uni-tuebingen.de, Phone: 07071-29 72592.

For further enquiries please contact Remke Lohmann. E-Mail: zukunftskonzept[at]uni-tuebingen.de, Phone: 07071-29 72528.