Excellence Strategy


decentralized and continuous monitoring of vital signs for personalized therapy strategies

There is strong evidence that a decentralized and continuous monitoring of vital signs could impact diagnosis and therapy of various diseases in a personalized approach. This could be shown for both cardiovascular and cancer patients under therapy.
Chronic patients and long-term patients are cared for by their family doctor after the initial treatment, either near the home or on an outpatient basis. Despite intensive care, rarely or only sporadically occurring symptoms are not recognized or documented. As a consequence early and individual signs of complications could be overlooked easily and treatment or adaptation of the current therapy is delayed.
The rapid development of so called wearables has created user-friendly sensor systems , that can be integrated in mobile networks.
The University of Reutlingen is developing the bwHealthApp and all necessary IT infrastructures in this project. The app will serve as an integral part of the bwHealthCloud and a new data source for integrated care research. It will be a prototypical, technical infrastructure for comprehensive decentralized health monitoring in Baden-Württemberg comprising all system components needed. On the one hand, this platform should enable physicians to adapt therapy in an individualized fashion and on the other hand to provide statistically relevant data collections to develop new hypothesis on the pathophysiological mechanisms of the mentioned diseases.
In a subsequent clinical study the ZPM will review this concept with oncological patients under treatment. Afterwards the bwHealthApp can be integrated into the whole architecture of clinical care and basic research connected to the bwHealthCloud.