Excellence Strategy


secure data integration platform for pm

The primary goal of this project is the establishment of a secure infrastructure to manage and integrate encrypted clinical data to generate a data lake for applied analysis in the field of personalized medicine. The first step will be the data collection from oncology patients from all four university hospitals in Baden-Württemberg (Ulm, Freiburg, Heidelberg und Tübingen) in a secure cloud structure.

The next expansion level will include an user-friendly front-end that allows patients themselves and the treating doctors to access the data under strict regulations. For research purpose the data can be analyzed as single data-sets or aggregated data to identify new patho-physiological mechanisms and to discover new targets for treatment. In particular the consortium of the four university hospitals with a strong background in this research area ensures not only an extensive database but also well curated data-sets of high quality that are suitable for big data analysis and artificial intelligence and systems medicine approaches.

Especially the setup within the clinical IT environment ensures protection concerning ethical and security issues. This is one of the major challenges and the reason why commercial cloud services are not a solution.