Excellence Strategy

Equality & Diversity

Additional professorships, dual career possibilities, a special programme for female early career researchers (Athene-Programme for female early career researchers) as well as the initiation of changes in various processes are the key measures of the Institutional Strategy in terms of equal opportunities.

The latter incorporate agreements on new rulings concerning the advertisement of professorships, the search, and the selection of suitable candidates. These regulations set standards for the systematic and proactive recruitment of women and increase the transparency of the search process. In addition the introduction of these new regulations has already increased the sensitivity towards the topic of equality as a whole and especially in the context of appointing new professors.

The University aims to generally increase the number of women who chair professorships. By means of the Excellence Initiative (2012-2019) it was possible to appoint seven female professors (W3) especially as equal opportunity measures; the majority of them work in the fields of sciences and life sciences. During the appointment process for the Junior Research Group care was taken to recruit a large number of women scientists when filling junior research group leader positions .

The increase of the number of female professors provides a higher count of female role models for female students and researchers, thus heightening their motivation to pursue scientific careers.

The promotion of Dual Career Couples was very successfully implemented in Tübingen. This was due to the increased number of temporary positions for further qualification which could be offered by the Institutional Strategy.