Excellence Strategy

Athene Program

Within the framework of the Excellence Strategy the University of Tübingen invites applications for the Athene Program from female researchers who are in their qualification phase. The main aim of this funding format is to promote promising female researchers through a combination of promoting scientific work and career planning support:

  1. Funding of scientific work by means of an individual budget (material expenses, travel costs, student assistants). Researchers with family responsibilities have the possibility to request funds for student assistants to compensate for time needed for family affairs. Total amount of Funding EUR 5.000/year.
  2. Career planning: In the center of this aspect of the funding scheme stands the individual, professional and strategic career planning which also incorporates the supervisor and is complemented by further training to boost overarching professional skills.
  3. “Zukunftsworkshops”: Twice a year mandatory workshops take place. In addition to the Athene fellows, the supervisors and the equality officers of the University are invited to take part. These workshops enable networking and the exchange of experiences between Athene fellows as well as providing the possibility to enhance soft skills. They also serve to plan the events and courses offered within the framework of the Athene Program.

Application Details