Excellence Strategy


Integrated Mobile Health Research Platform

The aim of this project is the development of a digital platform to provide integrated acces to research data and patient data from their mobile devices. With this new IT-infrastructure not only researchers and medical doctors can access these data sources, the patients of the clinical studies will benefit of these new structures as well by easy communication pathways via their mobile devices.
The integration of research data repositories and clinical databases will be achieved by the development of new interfaces between these systems e.g. via the in Tuebingen established integrative and interoperable CentraXX system.

Within pilot project in the fields of patient monitoring (remote measurement of vital parameters and transfer to the hospital), recruiting of clinical trial patients or follow-up care of outpatients after neurovascular, endocrine, or oncological diseases to obtain better outcome-data by patient survey via mobile devices.

The important fields of application for this project include patient monitoring (remote measurement of vital parameters), study recruitment and documentation, as well as research projects to improve the follow-up of patients with neurovascular, endocrine and oncological diseases through more efficient outcome measurements.

For further information, please visit the project homepage (German only).