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Molecular Boards

Molecular Boards are interdisciplinary, multiprofessional meetings where individual therapy options for patients with complex and advanced diseases are discussed, based on the molecular characteristics of their illness.

The composition of the board depends on the clinical discipline (oncology, neurology, cardiology, etc.) but always comprises besides the treating physicians experts from molecular diagnostics departments (e.g. molecular biology, genetics, bioinformatics, systems biology, molecular pathology, etc.) that are necessary to analyse and interpret the available data in order to find an individual therapy option for each patient.

Molecular Tumor Board (MTB)

The Molecular Tumor Board discusses the molecular and clinical data from cancer patients and make a therapy decision based on these data sets. The discussion of these mostly very complex cases takes place in regular meetings of the board and is supported by a virtual, digital platform comprising all relevant data in an user-friendly manner. With this structure a broad participation from various disciplines and expertise is achieved and therefore even rare and unusual disease courses can be discussed in sufficient depth.

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