Public Relations Department

Resources for Working in English

The Public Relations Department has prepared a number of aids to help University members writing and working in English.

A PowerPoint presentation detailing the University’s history and current achievements is available for download (staff log-in only) in English. You can use it in its entirety or make your own selection of the pages most relevant to your University work.

More detailed information on research and teaching is available in the current 
Annual Report and in the brochure 
Innovative. Interdisciplinary. International. Since 1477

The German-English Glossary contains many terms specific to the University of Tübingen and as they are widely used at universities and by the German Research Foundation (DFG). You can download it as a PDF document and search for German or English terms using the search function

Course titles are available in translation at: Studienfächer Deutsch-Englisch.

There is help in filling out the international Transcript of Records in the downloads section of the University intranet (staff log-in only).

University institutions – from the Faculties right down to many working groups – are listed in German and English in the Online Course Catalogue.

For international students there is an English information sheet summarizing

Bachelor Degree exam regulations: Info for Bachelor Students