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General information for ERASMUS and visiting students

Who are we?

The Fremdsprachenzentrum (FSZ) (Language Learning Centre) is a facility of the Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen. The FSZ was founded in 2001. We offer students the opportunity to learn foreign language skills. Besides general language training, students can acquire specific and academic language skills, e.g. in the areas of natural science and economics. Students can build on previous language skills in order to gain additional qualifications.

Who can attend courses at the FSZ?

Students of the University of Tübingen (including ERASMUS and visiting students) and of the partner universities as well as employees of the University of Tübingen can take part in our courses.

What do we do?

What’s on offer at the FSZ?

We offer courses in the following languages


The FSZ offers language training at four UNIcert® levels from beginners’ courses to UNIcert® IV, (at this level the students’ language skills can be compared to those of a native speaker). The language courses take place during the semester (two or four teaching periods per week), or alternatively as two to three week intensive courses during the semester break.

UNIcert®-Training System

This encompasses four levels, each of which can be completed with a certificate corresponding to the UNIcert® concept. The UNIcert® certification system is a foreign language training concept appropriate for universities. If you would like to find out more, please contact eleanor.freerspam

How can I register for a course?

Step One Complete the entry level test (C-Test) at the FSZ, room 103.*
Step Two Consult the course programme to see which course(s) you can attend with your point score from the entry level test.
Step Three Register online

* If you are registering for a beginner’s course as you have no prior knowledge in that language a C-Test is not required, in this case simply complete step three **. In all other cases the C-Test must be completed before you can register.
** Anyone found to have misrepresented their level can be banned from the course.

Unfortunately courses required by your University can only be attended if you score the necessary number of points in the C-Test

When can I register?

Please note that registration takes place before the semester starts (click here for the registration dates) and the C-Test must be completed before registration. Courses places are often taken very quickly (within minutes!), therefore the sooner you can complete the C-Test the better.

What do I need to register?

1. C-Test score (not for beginner courses)
2. Matrikelnummer (student registration number). Please contact the administration team if you do not have a registration number.
3. Personal data i.e. address, telephone number etc.

What is a C-Test?

The C-Test serves as an assessment of language knowledge for beginners as well as for advanced learners. It is not possible to fail the test. The test simply shows which UNIcert® level is appropriate for your level and thus which courses you may consequently attend.

The entry-level test consists of six short texts with varying degrees of difficulty. The C-Test is completed on the computer and the whole process takes approximately 30 minutes. As soon as the allotted time for the C-Test is up (25 minutes), the test will close automatically and your score will be shown on the screen (click here for an example).

Conditions of participation

1. Attendance of the first lesson
Attendance of the first lesson is compulsory. If you cannot attend the first lesson, you must inform the administration team at the FSZ (click here for the contact information) by email at least 24 hours before the start of the first lesson. For courses that begin on a Monday, you must inform the administration team by email by 12pm on the Friday before the course starts. If you do not attend the first lesson, and you have not informed the administration team, you will be deregistered from the course.

2. Absence
In order to successfully complete the course and to receive the certificate (Schein) you must attend the course regularly and successfully complete the final test.

The following table shows the amount of absences allowed:

  2 SWS courses 4 SWS courses  
Winter semester 4 teaching hours 8 teaching hours  
Intensive course – Spring 5 teaching hours 10 teaching hours  
Summer semester 4 teaching hours 8 teaching hours  
Intensive course - Autumn 5 teaching hours 10 teaching hours  

1 teaching hour = 45 minutes

European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)

The following table shows the number of credit points that you receive for the courses:

Level ECTS points
UNIcert® I 2 or 4
UNIcert® II 3 or 6
UNIcert® III 4 or 8
UNIcert® IV 4

Course fees

As an ERASMUS or visiting student studying at the University of Tübingen language courses at the FSZ are free of charge.


On successful completion of the course you will receive a certificate (Schein). You will be informed by email as soon as your certificate is ready for collection. Certificates can be collected from room 103 at the FSZ. Alternatively, if you would like your certificate to be sent to you per post, please hand in a stamp-addressed envelope to the reception desk (room 103). (Please note that the FSZ does not take any liability for the sending of certificates per post). The FSZ can also forward your certificate to Ms Hahne (Dezernat V.II), who will complete your transcript of records after your departure. If you would like us to send your certificate to Ms Hahne, please email the administration team (fszspam with this request and the exact course(s) and teacher(s).

Please note if the conditions of participation are not fulfilled, you will not receive a certificate. We do not issue certificates of attendance.

Opening times

Information about the current opening hours
During the registration period we have extended opening times: 10-3 pm

Where to find us

Wilhelmstraße 22


Administration: Email:
Telephone: 0049 7071 77407

If you would like to contact a member of staff in a specific language department, click here for the contact details.