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Sustainability and Social Responsibility at the Foreign Language Centre

The University of Tübingen has committed itself to the maxim of a future-oriented, sustainable development. Their endeavours are oriented towards safeguarding the natural environment for subsequent generations, and on this basis to harmonise economic, social and cultural goals. The Foreign Language Centre is also focused on dealing with social and environmental responsibility.

Language courses on Sustainability

Within the framework of the Studium Oecologicum the Foreign Language Centre offers language courses which deal with current topics on sustainability and ethics from a culture- and country-specific angle. The language courses, listed below, are accepted towards the Studium Oecologicum certificate. The Studium Oecologicum sees itself as a seminar programme for the education for sustainable development.

The courses are offered in three languages (English, French and Spanish), and in English at two different language levels.




The courses at the Foreign Language Centre offer a language, content and practice-oriented training on the topic of sustainability. At the same time particular emphasis is attached to the respective country- and culture-specifics. To enhance the practice-oriented training, guest lectures and small excursions are incorporated into the courses.

Nacht der Nachhaltigkeit

On 29th November 2013 the first Nacht der Nachhaltigkeit took place in Tübingen. Events, connected to the topic of sustainability, took place throughout the whole town. The Foreign Language Centre also participated by organising its own sustainability language programme.


The Foreign Language Centre works in close cooperation with the following university institutions which deal with sustainability and ethics: