Center for Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Studies

The Building

The building now used by the FORUM SCIENTIARUM belongs to the Udo Keller Foundation Forum Humanum. Since the Udo Keller Foundation acquired the building from the Protestant regional church in Württemberg in 2004, they have completely renovated it and now allow the FORUM SCIENTIARUM to use it free of charge.

Even though the building was constructed in 1911, it still possesses the stylistic elements of art nouveau. Today, the building has a large lecture hall and two seminar rooms available. The FORUM SCIENTIARUM also has its own library, splendidly developed office spaces and several workrooms for visiting lecturers.

The building was ceremoniously given over to the University of Tübingen and the FORUM SCIENTIARUM from the Udo Keller Foundation on May 3rd 2006.