Center for Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Studies

Mission Statement

The increasing specialization of individual sciences has made the understanding between the sciences more difficult. In particular, the large areas of natural sciences and humanities have built up scientific parallel universes in the past 150 years, which are occasionally referred to as "two cultures".

The need for a multidisciplinary understanding has never been as extreme as it is today. Many current research issues require the close collaboration of several disciplines. It is also becoming clearer that only the disciplinary diversity could be capable of measuring up to the richness of our living world. For that reason, there is a growing acceptance that the different scientific cultures can complement one another and should not be regarded as opponents.

The CIIS would like to encourage a better understanding among the various subjects and disciplines. The old idea of a universal science is being replaced by the dialogue between sciences that equally possess universal entitlement. Within it, the ideal of Universitas continues to exist.