Center for Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Studies

The Theory of Science certificate is no longer offered. However, students who started the certificate no later than winter semester 2019/20 can still complete it. The latest date for this is the summer semester 2021.

Theory of Science Certificate

The University of Tübingen offers a teaching module "Theory of Science" for students of all subjects, in which important basics for understanding the methods, forms and goals of empirical science are taught. The
Module can be completed in a period of four semesters. Successful graduates receive a certificate.

In order to obtain the certificate, at least 3 courses and achievements totalling 15 ECTS have to be completed, which are made up of the following courses and achievements:

  1. A seminar from the main area "Theory of Science" at CIIS with a term paper: 9 ECTS.
  2.  Lecture on the introduction to the philosophy of science (with proof of achievement): 3 ECTS.
  3.  A lecture on the fundamentals of one's own subject from the range of courses offered in one's own discipline: 3 ECTS.

The intensive module "Philosophy of Science" is supervised by CIIS.