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No person is an island. So is Science.

We at the postgraduate club of the University at the FORUM SCIENTIARUM believe that science is propelled by a constant exchange of knowledge, ideas, thoughts, and vision. Especially, the exchange amongst different faculties brings about new dimensions, perspectives, coherence to the research and often gives birth to novel questions.

While we spend time and effort in shaping and carving our individual research journeys, it is equally fun and exciting to talk about our projects and the challenges involved with fellow students. This not only enhances our communication skills, but also promotes networking and the spirit of the scientific community.

The postgraduate club at FORUM SCIENTIARUM rightly provides that platform by offering a seminar series where PhD candidates can present and discuss their work. We highly encourage PhD candidates of all disciplines to come to our seminar series** and share their research and participate in lively discussions.

Guideline for postgraduate club talks and abstracts

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Where to find us?
Forum Scientiarum at the Österberg, (Doblerstraße 33, 72074 Tübingen)

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The organizing committee of the PhD club at Tübingen University
Mayank Chugh and Christine Kiefer


**Our seminar series consists of three talks per event from different disciplines. Each talk is about 20 minutes, followed by 10 minutes discussion. The talks are generalised and in a semi-formal environment with drinks and pretzels topping the discussion. Participation in at least three meetings would fetch you an official participation certificate.