Center for Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Studies

CIN Dialogues 2011: Topic

What is consciousness? is one of the oldest in the history of occidental science. The mind-body-problem or the topic of the immortal soul as the very core of man are puzzling philosophers and theologians as well as psychologists and neurobiologists. The stunning results of neurobiological research in the past few decades and especially the possibilities derriving from imaging techniques have fueled these discourses. In addition to the classical mind-body-problem, one of the main questions is whether the perception of the self is based on a real entity or rather a brain-generated simulation.

On this basis, an extensive research developped which is fortunately more and more fueled by interdisciplinary approaches. This years CIN-Dialogues are focussed on this matter. Two of the leading experts in their specific fields, the neurologist Olaf Blanke and the philosopher Thomas Metzinger will discuss the topic "Wer ist ICH? Modelle des Selbst zwischen Realität und Konstruktion". In addition to the panel discussion, the Forum Scientiarum is providing a two-day workshop on the topic, featuring speakers from the neurosciences and the humanities. The workshop is open to junior scientists and students from various scientific disciplines.