Current: In the context of the university precautionary measures because of the Corona crisis it was decided to cancel the Plato Days, which should have taken place from April 16-18. They will presumably take place in the coming year of 15. - 17.04.


Tübingen Plato Days

The International Plato Days in Tübingen are based on the idea of keeping the long Tübingen Plato tradition alive at home and abroad through new impulses from contemporary Plato research.

The Tübingen Plato Days take place every two years. The topics of the conferences are oriented towards central questions concerning Plato's dialogues and philosophy, but the reception of Plato in the imperial period, late antiquity and the Renaissance is also taken into account.

Invitations are extended to renowned as well as younger, pertinently proven scientists from Germany and abroad. Doctoral and post-doctoral students as well as a student from Tübingen will have the opportunity to present their research results on Plato and Platonism to a specialist audience.

Students from the University of Tübingen are expressly invited to participate in all lectures and discussions.

We thank the Universitätsbund Tübingen for their kind support.

Klaus Corcilius (Department of Philosophy)
Dietmar Koch (Philosophy Seminar)
Irmgard Männlein-Robert (Philological Seminar)
Niels Weidtmann (CIIS)