Center for Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Studies

Unseld Lectures (2008-2018)

Unseld Lectures 2018 at the Forum Scientiarum (now CIIS) of the University of Tübingen initiated and supported by the Udo Keller Foundation Forum Humanum in cooperation with Suhrkamp Verlag


The Idea Behind the Unseld Lectures

The Unseld Lectures aim to initiate the dialogue between the sciences, especially the dialogue between the natural sciences and the humanities. Today, top-level scientific research is only possible on the basis of a high degree of specialization. At the same time, the need for an exchange of ideas across disciplinary boundaries is becoming increasingly clear. Whether it is the latest findings in the neurosciences, quantum physics, philosophy of consciousness or other fields, it is evident everywhere that research results have effects far beyond the boundaries of the respective subject. The Unseld Lectures meet this unresolved tension as a place where dialogue with top scientists is conducted publicly and at the highest level.

The Unseld Lectures combine three formats: "Guest Lecture" - "Disputation" - "Masterclass". They seek dialogue with society, they encourage debate between researchers from different disciplines, and they anchor interdisciplinary work in teaching. In this way, the Unseld Lectures aim to open up an interdisciplinary space for dialogue that makes research and teaching a public event. They are organized by the CIIS of the University of Tübingen.

The Unseld Lectures are supported by four partners who meet in their efforts to promote dialogue between the sciences: the CIIS (formerly Forum Scientiarum) of the University of Tübingen, which offers interdisciplinary teaching in the form of a Class for Advanced Studies, academies and seminars, initiates lecture series and organizes conferences and workshops, - the edition unseld of the Suhrkamp Publishing Frankfurt, a book series that not only makes the latest findings in science and technology accessible to a broad readership, but also makes them available in essay form-, The Udo Keller Foundation Forum Humanum, initiator of the Unseld Lectures and co-founder of the Forum Scientiarum, which is based in the foundation's study house in Tübingen, and finally the University of Tübingen, which with the Forum Scientiarum and the Unseld Lectures underlines its special position as a broadly positioned top university.