Center for Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Studies

Unseld Lectures

Top scientific research today is only possible when it is based on a high-grade specialisation. At the same time, the necessity of an interdisciplinary exchange continues to become clearer. Whether it is the current findings in neuroscience, quantum physics, philosophy of the conscious or in other academic areas, it turns out that the results of research have effects on academic fields beyond the boundaries of the particular discipline. Without a dialogue between the various approaches to research, parallel worlds of science could possibly emerge.

At this point, the Unseld Lectures come into position. They invite internationally renowned researchers to present their findings and contribute to a dialogue with colleagues of other academic disciplines. Every year a speaker is invited from the Udo Keller Foundation - Forum Humanum, the Suhrkamp Publishing House and the University of Tuebingen to come to the FORUM SCIENTIARUM, an institute of the University of Tuebingen, to promote the dialogue between the various sciences. There, he/she discusses his/her own current research with representatives of different areas of study and introduces it to a broader audience. The particular topic of the Unseld Lectures is then put in an interdisciplinary series of lectures of the FORUM SCIENTIARUM for deeper insight into the subject.

The integration of interdisciplinary work in education plays a very significant role. The complexity of problem solving in modern research demands of the scholars competence in an interdisciplinary dialogue. Therefore, the guest speaker in the Unseld Lectures offers an international Summer School in a mutual effort with scholars of the University of Tuebingen at the FORUM SCIENTIARUM, in which the topic of the Unseld Lectures will be covered from various disciplinary perspectives.