Dr. Günter Schucher 舒根德


Dr. Günter Schucher 舒根德

Institutional Affiliation:

GIGA Institute of Asian Studies


Current Rank

Senior Research Fellow, GIGA Institute of Asian Studies, Hamburg, Germany

Academic Degree

Ph.D. in Sinology, Institute of Sinology, University of Hamburg, Germany


Treasurer, German Association of Asian Studies
Editor, ASIEN (refereed journal)

Current Research Fields

Labour market, social development and social movements in Mainland Chin
Cross-strait relations, EU-China-Taiwan relations

Current Research Project

General and vocational education in Mainland China and Taiwan

Recent Publications (selected)

“’Unausgeglichen, unkoordiniert, nicht nachhaltig’ – Chinas Entwicklung vor Taiwan“, in: Ostasiatischer Verein e.V., Wirtschaftshandbuch Asien-Pazifik 2010/11, OAV, pp.485-498(with Mark Kruger), “Do Rising Labour Costs Spell the End of China as a ‚World’s Factory’?”, ASIEN, Nr. 114-115 (April 2010), DGA, pp.122-136
Where Minds meet. The ‘Professionalization’ of Cross-Strait Academic Exchange”, GIGA Working Paper, No. 106 (Aug 2009), 45 pp.; short version publ. in: Ying-Jeou MA (ed.), Chinese (TAIWAN) Yearbook of International Law and Affairs, The Chinese (Taiwan) Society of International Law – The Chinese (Taiwan) Branch of the International Law Association, Vol 26 (2008), publ. 2010, London: Cameron May, pp.71-94
"Liberalisierung in Zeiten der Instabilität: Spielräume unkonventioneller Partizipation im autoritären Regime der VR China“, in ASIEN, 111 (April 2009), pp.50-75

Balancing Openness and Control: Immigration Policies in Taiwan and Europe”, in: The Asia-Pacific Review (Nanhua University, Taiwan), 7 (2009), pp.1-32
"Friedlicher Aufstieg?
Die soziale und ökonomische Entwicklung Chinas“, in Corinna Hauswedell (Hg.): Chinas neue Rolle in der Welt. Machtrivalität oder Chancen für mehr Multilateralismus?, Loccumer Protokoll Nr. 75/07, 2009, pp.25-42
Mediation preferred. China’s new Labour Conflict Law“, in China aktuell (Hamburg), 37, 4 (2008), pp.63-109
(with Heike Holbig, Margot Schüller): „’One World, Different Dreams’: Chinas Aufstieg und die Olympischen Spiele in Beijing”, in GIGA Focus Asien (Hamburg), 8 (2008), 8 pp.

(with Jutta Hebel): „Scope and Limits of China’s Labour Market Reforms”, in Gunter Schubert, Thomas Heberer: Institutional Change and Political Continuity in Contemporary China, London, New York: Routledge, 2008
(with Jutta Hebel): “Labour Market Flexibility and Social Security in the People’s Republic of China”, in China aktuell (Hamburg), 1 (2008), pp. 5-30
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