International Center for Ethics in the Sciences and Humanities (IZEW)

The Problem of "application" in so-called Applied Ethics

Although applied ethics has also attracted a great deal of public attention in recent decades, it has not yet been satisfactorily clarified how general standards can justify concrete judgments or actions. These methodological debates are of particular importance in ethics as well as in jurisprudence and should be fruitfully related to each other in this project.

The project

Despite the many years of development and the high social relevance of so-called applied ethics, the question "How can general norms relate to specific individual cases and what relevance can they have for concrete action orientation" has not yet been satisfyingly addressed. A particularly urgent and topical desideratum is the cooperation of philosophy and theology with law, psychology and educational science.

Within the starter project "The problem of 'application' in so-called applied ethics or: What can norms achieve for action orientation" it was examined whether there is sufficient research potential for a long-term interdisciplinary collaborative project. To this end, in a first workshop (6/07/04/2016), the state of research was brought together and considered with regard to common trends, questions and problems. In a second workshop (27/28 July 2016), concrete research questions were formulated and drafts for interdisciplinary studies on problems of "application" and "consideration" were developed, with which suitable research methods can be tested.

A full proposal with third-party funding perspectives was applied for and approved in the Exploration Funds tender of the University of Tübingen. The aim is now to implement the start-up financing for a major joint proposal under the title "Ethical consideration of legal, medical ethics and normative questions of education - conceptual and empirical perspectives".

Cooperation partners