International Center for Ethics in the Sciences and Humanities (IZEW)


Health Immersive Virtual Environment - Lab

The research network HIVE-Lab is building up two complementary "living labs" in Düsseldorf and Munich. VR and AR applications are being tested and developed in these Living-Labs. The labs provide a suitable environment to test immersive digital technologies for a healthy lifestyle through exercise and well-being. In the HIVE-Labs technical innovations in real and simulated everyday environments are evaluated, as well as methodically and technically supported. In addition, the employees of HIVE-Labs advise research and development projects on technical issues, for example, in the selection of suitable algorithms. The joint project HIVE-Lab conducts research on two levels. On the one hand, it focuses on the techno-logics that are being tested and further developed in the Living-Labs, and on the other, it also explores the concept of the Linving-Labs.

At the Dusseldorf site, the focus of research in and about the Living Lab is on the topics of motion capture, body of knowledge for "immersive health", co-design and the evaluation of well-being. The lab will be equipped with technology for testing augmented sports, motion capture (marker / less, mobile, hybrid), a motion platform, object, face, eye tracking and 3D production (scan, animation). The LMU Munich is building a Mobility Lab to simulate real-world simulations of everyday mobility. This lab allows the testing of AR / VR technologies for mobile contexts in a protected space. The lab features treadmills, motion tracking and a high fidelity driving simulator. In order to make user integration efficient and to minimize novelty effects, a subject database will be set up in the Greater Munich area. In addition, not only stationary living labs with realistic environments as possible should be built. A rent-a-study case is designed and equipped for use in different environments. It will be equipped with a wide range of AR / VR technologies, which will be modularly configurable.

The Sub Project: "Social, ethical and legal aspects of mixed reality in the context of health technologies and the possibilities of participatory technology development", IZEW



Funding Period: 01.12.2018 until 30.11.2021

Funding Code: 16SV8185