International Center for Ethics in the Sciences and Humanities (IZEW)

WeNet – The Internet of Us

The project WeNet deals with diversity-aware artificial intelligence and tries to improve computer-mediated social interaction by developing new methods and algorithms. The goal is to develop an online platform, which is based on this diversity-aware computer-facilitated mediation of communication. Within the project, the IZEW investigates ethical aspects of privacy and data protection and develops a conceptual framework of diversity to inform the development of algorithms. 


Conduct and management

Project manager: PD Dr. Jessica Heesen

Researchers: Dr. Paula Helm, Laura Schelenz


January 2019 - December 2022

WeNet Podcast

Ethics ans Data Science

Interview between project team member Laura Schelenz and computer scientist Avi Segal (BGU Israel) on ethics, computer science and transparency in AI-based systems.

Accessible technology

Discussion between Laura Schelenz and Ahmed Hamdy about the accessibility of technology for people with disabilities.

Project description

WeNet - The Internet of Us

The EU-funded project "WeNet - the Internet of Us" aims to improve computer-mediated social interaction. Online communication should become diversity-aware and human-technology interaction should be optimized. For this purpose, it is necessary to develop the culture, science, technology, methods, algorithms, and social interaction protocols as well as an online platform that enable this diversity-aware, computer-mediated communication. 

A consortium of 15 institutions will carry out the development of the online platform WeNet, the integration and consolidation of the individual software parts, and the research of new methods and tools in this context. The technology will be tested and improved during large-scale pilot trials at 18 different locations of universities and adult schools with 10,000 participants. A worldwide consortium with partners from Europe, Mexico, Paraguay, China, India, and Mongolia will work together and promote global exchange in the research and development of ethical and diversity-aware artificial intelligence and algorithms. Ethical aspects of diversity, human-technology interaction, and social international/communication are continuously taken into consideration. In particular, the IZEW is responsible for the development of an ethical framework of diversity, which informs the development of diversity-aware algorithms for social interaction. In addition, the project staff at the IZEW deals with ethical questions of privacy and data protection.