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Digitalization in the Global South - TATuP 2/2019

Great hopes are pinned on the increasing digitalization on the African continent as ICT should lead...

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Anti-urban utopias. The City in the Discourse of the Right

The second Working Paper of the BMBF project PODESTA (Populism and Democracy in the City) is online!...

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Call for Papers: Growing up and learning in supervised environments

Kalkscheune, Berlin / 21. und 22. November 2019: Annual conference of the "Forum Privatheit und...

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Interview: “Do politicians need to tweet?”

The interview with Jessica Heesen was released in the attempto! research magazine.

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What may machines decide?

Prof. Dr. Regina Ammicht Quinn, Speaker of the International Center for Ethics in the Sciences and...

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Land funds research into “Society in Digital Change” with 2.1 million euros

Scientists from Tübingen are involved in a new research network that is to conduct interdisciplinary...

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Why does AI research and development need more women?

Prof. Dr. Regina Ammicht Quinn, spokeswoman of the International Center for Ethics in the Sciences...

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"They want to know what we're gonna do"

Thilo Hagendorff and Jessica Heesen in the Reutlinger Generalanzeiger about Social Scoring

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