International Center for Ethics in the Sciences and Humanities (IZEW)

Ethical Competences in the Teaching Profession

Ethics courses in teacher training Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) within the framework of the accompanying studies in educational science

Students of the grammar school teaching profession who have started their studies in the winter semester 2015/16 complete an accompanying course in educational science, in which courses on "Ethical Competences in the Teaching Profession" are integrated as optional compulsory courses.

The courses offered under the title "Ethical Competences in the Teaching Profession" have the aim of enabling student teachers to reflect on the ethical dimensions of their profession (cf. module handbook for accompanying studies in educational science).

The focus is on the following topics: the reflection of values and norms that determine one's own teacher behaviour, the argumentative justification of decisions towards colleagues, parents and pupils, and the discussion and consideration of different alternatives for action. The role of the teacher and the personal, professional and social responsibility associated with it are reflected in a theory-based way. Ethical questions of upbringing and teaching - e.g. questions of justice, dealing with heterogeneity - are analysed with the help of philosophical-ethical basic knowledge and dealt with in an action-oriented way. In addition, starting points are developed for addressing ethical issues, such as media education, sustainability, gender issues or responsibility in science, research and technology. The aim is to guide students' ethical reflection on their future tasks as teachers in a targeted manner and to further develop it in a well-founded manner.

The performance records for these courses are not graded.

In the B.Ed., the ethical elective is scheduled for the 4th semester (see the tables below).

Here you can download our course offerings.

Elective Seminar: Ethical Competences in the Teaching Profession in the Bachelor of Education

Semester   WiSe SoSe WiSe SoSe WiSe SoSe
Modul CP 1 2 3 4 5 6

Bildungswissenschaft I



Einführung in das Studium der Bildungswissenschaften

(V, 2 CP)

Orientierungspraktikum (ca. 15.9.- 2.10. ohne Lehre)

(3 CP)


(Klausur, 1 CP)

Bildungswissenschaft II 6      

Beruf und Professionalität I (wahlweise...)

Personale Kompetenzen im Lehrerberuf (Ex-MPK)


Ethische Kompetenzen im Lehrerberuf (IZEW)

(S, 3 CP inkl. Studienleistung)

Beruf und Professionalität II

(S, 2 CP)


Modulprüfung (mündlich/schriftlich, 1 CP)