International Center for Ethics in the Sciences and Humanities (IZEW)


The Ethics Center is supported by all faculties of the University of Tübingen. Each of the faculties appoints a representative to the Advisory Board. The holders of the Chairs of Ethics in the Life Sciences and Medical Ethics are ex officio members of the board. Additional scholars from the faculties of Law, Catholic Theology and Protestant Theology expand the spectrum of the disciplines represented. The Advisory Board elects an Executive Committee comprised of three people whose spokesperson assumes the position of director of the Ethics Center. The International Board participates in the conceptual and structural development of the Ethics Center with an advisory role.

The office organizes and coordinates the activities of the Ethics Center. This involves, among other things, the organization of lecture series and conferences, the compilation of an annotated compendium of courses on ethics at the University of Tübingen – particularly in consideration of the Basics Studies in Ethics and Philosophy (EPG) - as well as providing expert speakers and interview partners on request. In addition, the office coordinates networks on various ethics-related topics in Germany and Europe as a whole.