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Call for Papers: Growing up and learning in supervised environments

Kalkscheune, Berlin / 21. und 22. November 2019: Annual conference of the "Forum Privatheit und selbstbestimmtes Leben in der digitalen Welt" (Forum Privacy and Self-Determined Living in the Digital World)

The Forum Privatheit - selbstbestimmtes Leben in der digitalen Welt is organising an interdisciplinary conference on "Growing up and learning in supervised environments" in Berlin on 21 and 22 November 2019: Data Protection for Children, Learners and Educational Institutions". Digital technologies are increasingly shaping childhood and youth: from video surveillance in infancy to learning robots in kindergartens and learning assistants controlled by artificial intelligence for individual educational success. Digital media are used in particular for learning processes, knowledge transfer and information acquisition and are discussed under the buzzword of computer literacy. The applications, which are particularly used by children and adolescents, are not limited to the formal educational context, but also find their way into children's rooms on the basis of informal learning environments. However, little is said about privacy, surveillance and data protection issues in this sensitive and important area of society. The conference invites to inter- and transdisciplinary exchange beyond disciplines and scientific borders, to exchange with practitioners from educational work and to (socio-)political discussion.

The complete Call Papers can be found at Abstracts (up to 500 words) can be submitted until the 4th of July 2019 via EasyChair: