International Center for Ethics in the Sciences and Humanities (IZEW)

Association for the Promotion of Ethics in the Sciences and the Humanities

The association, founded in 1998, aims at promoting ethics in the sciences and the humanities by supporting the IZEW. There is still a considerable shortage in required resources for the promotion of interdisciplinary science ethics’ research. More than three quarters of the work at the IZEW is financed by external funds, which are not available on a permanent basis. This high share of external funds is evidence for the quality of the work done at the IZEW.
Essential requirement for research and the promotion of young researchers is the public library specializing in science ethics and the documentation at the IZEW.
In concrete terms, the association supports the publications, events and in particular the networking of science and social actors. The association also contributes to make ethics in the sciences and the humanities transdisciplinary fruitful for society, for example by alumni networking.

Your contribution

You can promote the work of the Centre for Ethics by becoming a sponsoring member or by making a donation.
As a member, you will receive the latest event information and the annual report of the IZEW. You also get a discount on any publication of the Centre for Ethics, as well as reduced-price admissions on any congress, conference or symposium at the IZEW.

The association board thanks for your contribution:

Prof. Dr. Vera Hemleben (chair)
Prof. Dr. Dietmar Mieth (co-chair)
Prof. Dr. Thomas Potthast (co-chair)
Dr. Birgit Kröber (treasurer)

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You will find an application to join the association for the Promotion of Ethics in the Sciences and the Humanities in this flyer.

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The association issues a certificate of tax deductibility for the donations and contributions.