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Utopia and Revolution in Kant

Karoline Reinhardt at the X. Trier Kant Colloquium

University of Trier
13-15 October 2021

As in previous years, the Kant Research Centre at the University of Trier will be holding the Trier Kant Colloquium. This time, the focus will be on the last piece Kant had published himself, "Der Streit der Fakultäten" ("The Dispute of the Faculties"), in which he attempts to clarify the relationship of the faculties in relation to each other, but above all the task and role of the philosophical faculty. In lectures on all three parts of this piece, its contents will be presented, contextualised and put up for discussion.

On 14 October, Karoline Reinhardt will speak at the X. Trier Kant Colloquium on "Utopia and Revolution". In her lecture, she will discuss Kants assessment of the relationship between utopian concepts and revolutions, which Kant makes in the second section of "The Dispute of the Faculties".

Due to limited space, registration is requested at hueningspam