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What we talk about - and what (or with whom) we should talk

Blog article by Dr. Ingrid Stapf and Marco Krüger

"Children's summits instead of car summits" is the pointed demand of the German politician Dietmar Bartsch. Because children are, besides women and families, the "losers of the crisis". Since a few days the schools have opened their doors again. At least for the graduating classes, lessons should be made possible again - after all, exams are imminent or have already begun in some federal states. In many kindergartens, emergency care has also been slightly expanded and even playgrounds are now being reopened. In short: Children are, apart from the new start of the national football leagues, the focus of the social corona discussion. On closer inspection, however, this does not seem to be quite the case. The negotiation of needs that are diverse among children, not only because of different age groups, is given little consideration in the opening debate.