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University Competence Centre: excellent learning location for ESD

The Competence Centre for Sustainable Development (KNE) of the University of Tübingen has been awarded for the second time as a Learning Site for Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) by the German UNESCO Commission. On Nov. 20, three representatives* of the KNE, whose work is coordinated at the Ethics Centre (IZEW), took part in the ceremony in Berlin.

Workshop: The difficult timing of integrating ethical aspects

Ethical, legal and social aspects should no longer be researched in technology development projects only in parallel, but should be integrated into the development process from the start of the project. That sounds logical. But (how) can this work if it is not yet clear how the technology will be designed and applied?

Zero Waste - A life without garbage? - Sustainability Lecture 2019

Every German citizen produces 617 kg of garbage every year - much more than our planet can handle. There is another way, say Shia and Hanno Su. Since 2014, both have been living almost garbage-free and are firmly convinced that this lifestyle not only has nothing to do with renunciation, but on the contrary even enriches their own lives.

The certificate programme "Ethics in Practice" - an offer for students of all subjects

Questions about "good" and "right" - in the sense of moral and immoral - arise in all areas of our everyday life. We encounter them in our private and professional lives, in the education and health system, in science or even in road traffic... The concern of applied ethics - an ethics in practice - is to perceive moral problems as such and to clarify them with reference to ethical concepts and considerations - and ideally to point out possible solutions.