International Center for Ethics in the Sciences and Humanities (IZEW)

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Research contributions of the IZEW Newsletter No. 2, 2019

The Energy Laboratory: Results of a Real Laboratory

A sustainable energy transition is indispensable. How could and how should the overall societal plan for energy transition in Tübingen be implemented? What role does sufficiency play besides conversion to renewable energy sources and increasing efficiency, or what is the appropriate energy demand?

Symposium "Ethics as a Profession"

What does it actually mean to understand ethics as a work profile? What role can and should academically trained ethicists play both within and outside the university landscape? Where are limits and opportunities? Finally, ethical questions have become firmly established in science and the public.

Teaching and learning good leadership

The majority of executives have studied. Many of today's students will also work in management positions in the course of their careers. However, they have not yet been prepared for ethical leadership issues during their studies. The project team is developing a course on leadership ethics for the MINT programmes.

The WeNet Platform - Ambitions and Ethical Reflections

A new, diversity-sensitive social platform - this should be the product of the EU project "WeNet - The Internet of Us". The development of this technology is ambitious and so are the ethical questions that the IZEW is working on within the framework of the project.