China Centre Tübingen (CCT)


The Erich Paulun Institute (EPI) was founded in 2013 at the Technical University of Munich through a collaboration between Professor Paul Gerhardt and the German-Chinese Business Association. In June 2016, EPI moved to Tübingen to be integrated into CCT. EPI's core goal is the promotion of cultural, academic and business links between Germany and China. Through networks in the cultural, business, academic and political spheres, the institute aims to increase mutual knowledge and understanding, decrease prejudices and develop new possibilities for cooperation.

The Erich-Paulun Institute offers a forum for representatives from business and politics, schools and universities to learn about the culture and economy of the other country, as well as to share their own experiences. It has a particular focus Chinese language learning in schools. It is also concerned with the development of young academics, special research projects in the area of intercultural scientific and economic cooperation between German and Chinese universities and schools and other scientific as well as artistic events.