China Centre Tübingen (CCT)


The China Centre organises numerous events and event series which address diverse aspects of politics, economics, business, international relations, society and culture in China and its surrounding region, as well as promoting intercultural competence and pedagogy. Our talks, workshops, cultural and networking activities cater for audiences ranging from academic specialists and university students to schools, teachers and the general public.

Novissima Sinica

Year-round CCT lecture series launched in 2016, following Leibniz in bringing ‘news from China’ to Tübingen. The series spotlights new research developments concerning China and the Chinese diaspora, as well as providing a platform for early career scholars.

Brennpunkt Asien

Brennpunkt Asien consists of panel discussions addressing current affairs in Asia. In collaboration with colleagues in other departments and research centres at the University of Tübingen, CCT brings academic researchers together with expert practitioners from other professional fields to discuss the context and implications of the ‘hottest topics’ in contemporary Asian politics, economics, culture and society.

ThinkIN China @CCT

ThinkIN China (TIC) is a discussion and networking platform co-founded in 2010 by CCT vice-director, Matthias Niedenführ. In monthly events held at the Bridge Café in Beijing, it brings Chinese experts together with the foreign community to illuminate issues facing contemporary China from Chinese perspectives.

ThinkIN China@CCT broadcasts selected TIC events at CCT to bring these Chinese voices to Tübingen and help our audience in Germany better understand the PRC today.


This lecture series organised by EPI tackles questions related to the theory and practice of intercultural pedagogy and the development of intercultural competence and serves as a complement to EPI's study trip programme.

Seminars and Workshops

Hosted by CCT, in cooperation with our university colleagues and institutes, and led by renowned experts from around the world, these provide an opportunity for students and scholars to take an in-depth look at key issues affecting the PRC and its neighbours.


This is a prestigious public lecture series which is part of the University’s Studium Generale curriculum. Lectures are open to all and can be attended for credit by most undergraduate students. CCT organised a series on China in a globalising world in 2016 and on political and economic transformation in East Asia in 2017.

Green Future?

'Green Future? Sustainability, Environmental Protection and Social Entrepreneurship in China' is a new series organised by CCT and Weltethos Institut which looks at the environmental challenges China currently faces, as well as some of the solutions being offered by NGOs and other experts in green technology and sustainable development who have been working on the ground to promote a greener China.


As part of the China@School programme, EPI organises events and projects for education administrators, teachers, school pupils and interested members of the public. These aim to promote Chinese language as a school subject and a deeper understanding of Chinese culture and society.


In addition to our regular event series, CCT organises one-off events, such as special lectures by distinguished speakers, exhibitions and other cultural activities and student get-togethers. Local artist, Danwei Zhu-Mittag, teaches a weekly calligraphy class.