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Supraplanung: Chinas Denkhorizonte

"Who does not plan for 10.000 Generations, can not plan for an Era." This quote by scholar Chen Danran (1859-1930) gives a hint on the longtermness of chinese future design notably in politics. This is one dimension/aspect of "supraplanning". A second Dimension/aspect lies in the proficiency to use an broad range of cunning ways towards a goal, besides the commonly used problem solutions. Awareness of supraplanning makes understanding chinese politics easier.

Harro von Senger, author of the only western book on supraplanning gives an introduction to this in the west unknown source of inspiration and widely ignored chinese way of thinking.

Harro von Senger, professor emeritus of chinese studies at University of Freiburg is an expert on chinese law at Swiss Institute of Comparative Law and was a lecturer at the Swiss General Staff School betweem 2001 and 2008. Within his numerous professional publications on chinese studies and law, his globally most reknown work is "Strategeme", 14th edition in 2008 and translated into 12 languages.